Weaning Foods


Dr.Rishi Vardhini Sugan

Naturopathy & Yoga Physician,
Internationally Certified Birth Doula,
Lifestyle & Natural Birth Consultant,
IYCF – Lactation Consultant

Introducing Solids to your little one is a beautiful and exciting process, but not always an easy one. What to do when baby rejects foods, how much to feed, which order to introduce vegetables and fruits in, all these are genuine concerns for every new mom.

These beautiful session will ease you out of all your doubts and confusions with regards to introducing solids and includes-

  • Introduction to the Session
  • Complementary Feeding
  • WHO Recommendations
  • Criteria to Start Solids
  • Traditional Weaning and Baby-led Weaning
  • Weaning from Breastfeeding
  • Disadvantages of Starting Early
  • Quantity Vs Quality and Frequency of Feeding
  • Essentials and Checklist for Starting Solids
  • Sample Menu
  • Q&A
Who can attend

New Moms


2 hours – 1 Session

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