Gravid in Collaboration with Her Circle

In a powerful union of like-minded organisations, Gravid, a renowned parenting platform, has partnered with Her Circle, an influential women-centric community, to create a dynamic collaboration aimed at enhancing the parenting experience and fostering a sense of community among mothers worldwide.

About Gravid:

Gravid is a leading parenting platform committed to providing a comprehensive resource hub for expectant and new parents. With a mission to support women on their journey to becoming confident and informed parents, Gravid offers a wide range of articles, expert advice curated content, customised packages for every pregnancy and parenting and a supportive community forum to help parents navigate the complexities of parenthood.

Initiatives of Gravid

Gravid excels in nurturing a supportive community for parents-to-be through online forums and social groups. Their comprehensive educational resources cover prenatal to newborn care. They facilitate healthcare access via online consultations and specialised partnerships. Gravid's dedicated apps track essential maternal health metrics, ensuring guidance throughout the pregnancy journey.

Nurturing Parenthood through Five Pillars of Strength:
  1. Expert Guidance: Gravid emphasises expert guidance, providing curated content and advice from professionals, ensuring expectant and new parents receive credible and reliable information.

  2. Comprehensive Resources: The platform offers an array of comprehensive resources covering various aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, catering to the diverse needs of individuals.

  3. Supportive Community: Gravid fosters a supportive community forum, encouraging interaction and sharing experiences among parents-to-be and new parents, creating a nurturing environment.

  4. Personalised Support: The platform provides customised packages tailored to every stage of pregnancy and parenting, ensuring personalised support for individuals based on their specific needs.

  5. Healthcare Access: Gravid facilitates access to healthcare professionals through online consultations and partnerships, prioritising maternal health and well-being.
About Her Circle:

Her Circle is India’s largest digital platform designed for women from all walks of life. It serves as a sanctuary where women can connect, share, learn, and grow together. Her Circle is dedicated to providing a safe space for women to voice their thoughts, seek guidance, and forge meaningful relationships.

Initiatives of Her Circle:

Her Circle empowers through diverse education, offering content and workshops on entrepreneurship, career growth, mental health, and personal development. They foster creative expression, destigmatize mental health through articles and events, and support women entrepreneurs by promoting businesses and hosting networking events to enhance visibility and connections.

Amplifying Her Circle’s Pillars
  1. Engage: Real Women, Real Stories, and Current Trends – Her Circle blossoms with Gravid’s partnership, becoming a haven for authentic stories, enriched content, and trending themes, enriching the parenting experience.

  2. Connect: Meaningful Conversations and Communities – Gravid’s community-building ethos merges seamlessly with Her Circle’s vibrant ecosystem, fostering connections and equipping mothers with transformative tools for parenting challenges.

  3. Grow: Job Opportunities and Upskilling – Her Circle amplifies Gravid’s growth initiatives, linking users to relevant job opportunities and offering avenues for continuous learning via masterclasses and upskilling courses.

  4. Goals: Health and Finance Trackers – Integrated within Her Circle, Gravid’s goal-tracking tools empower users to monitor health milestones and financial objectives seamlessly within the community.

  5. Help: Expert Advice and Medical Consultation – Her Circle magnifies Gravid’s support system, facilitating access to experts and medical professionals from HN Reliance Hospital, ensuring reliable guidance is readily available.

The partnership between Gravid and Her Circle represents a significant step forward in creating a nurturing, informative, and empowering environment for expectant and new mothers. By combining their strengths, these organisations are poised to revolutionise the way women approach and access healthcare and parenthood. 

With Gravid’s expertise in the health and parenting domain and Her Circle’s dedication to empowering women, this collaboration promises to redefine the parenting experience for a generation of mothers. Together, they aim to be a beacon of support, knowledge, and community for women embarking on the incredible journey of motherhood.

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