Gravid (Best Fertility Practices)


Gravid is a Pregnancy, Parenting and Personal Growth Digital Magazine curated to
educate and help every common yet extraordinary woman and parent, regarding
Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy, Parenting and Personal growth
aspects. We understand the fact that how vulnerable a woman can get when it
comes to pregnancy, motherhood and parenting.
From the very first step, when she thinks of starting a family to once she is in the
labour room, to taking care of a new-born or toddler.
We also believe every Woman & Man deserves to grow in all aspects of their lives,
hence we will also cover Personal Growth to help our readers grow in all areas of
their lives and live a happier and fulfilling life.

In this July-Sept 2021 issue we have covered:


1.The basics of conception – By Meghna Servaiya (Sr. Consultant-Obstetrician and gynaecologist-Cloud Nine Group of Hospital).

2. Weight loss, right nutrition during pregnancy and list of super foods for better lactation. -By Khyati Rupani (Founder-Balance Nutrition).

3. Importance of creating a fertile ground for conceiving with ease. – By Pratiksha Ratna (Founder-Gravid and an Author).

4. A fashion guide during pregnancy- By Shivani Cherian (Celebrity Fashion Designer and an Image Consultant).


5.Breathing exercise and green smoothie recipe for boosting fertility and overall health-By Pratiksha Ratna (Founder-Gravid).


6.Yoga for boosting fertility- By Monica Khialani (PhD. Researcher and Nritya Yoga Expert).


7.A dose of spirituality and positive thinking- By Dhara Purohit (Kids and Spiritual Author).


8.Short Stories-By Experts and Authors.

Gravid (Best Fertility Practices)



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