Gravid (Mompreneur, Best weight loss Practices)


Topics we have covered in the Oct-Dec ’21 Issue:

  • Exclusive Interview – Celebrity Moms Who are Pushing the Envelope. An Exclusive Interview with Kamiya Jani (Founder – Curly Tales) on Being an entrepreneur and a mom.



  • Female Infertility- Causes and treatments– By Meghana Sarvaiya (Sr. Consultant-Obstetrician and gynaecologist-Cloud Nine Group of Hospital).
  • Post Pregnancy Belly and how to lose it -By Khyati Rupani (Founder-Balance Nutrition).
  • Post-Partum Depression – By Pratiksha Ratna (Founder-Gravid and an Author).
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS.) and natural ways to cure it-By Khyati Rupani (Founder-Balance Nutrition).
  • Yoga for boosting fertility and healing PCOS naturally- By Monica Khialani (PhD. Researcher and Nritya Yoga Expert).
  • Comfortable Clothes- By Shivani Cherian (Fashion Designer, Celebrity Stylist and an Image Consultant).



  • Raise a Courageous Failure – By Swati Garg (Founder-Kids EQ Box and a Certified EQ Coach).
  • Toddler Time – By Julie Easen (Founder – Wild at Heart and Family Adventure).


Personal Growth:

  • Forgiving Heals – By Dhara Purohit (Kids and Spiritual Author).
  • Why do I run without Music – By Shiva Giresan (Marketing Expert).
  • Short Stories-By Authors.


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