Gravid (Best Baby & Toddler Sleep Practices)


Topics we have covered in the April – June ’22 Issue:

  • Exclusive Interview – Celebrity Moms Who are Pushing the Envelopes An Exclusive Interview with Dana Oblemen – Founder and Creator of Sleep Sense Program on Best Baby Sleep Practices. She has been featured on national media, like CNN, The Washington Post, Today’s Parent, The Huffington Post and WebMD


  • Q & A with Dr. Emili Banerjee on Genetic Counseling.
  • Kegels for Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor Muscles – By Pratiksha Ratna, Founder-Gravid and an Author.
  • You Sure You Don’t Have PCOS? – By Khyati Rupani, Founder-Balance Nutrition.
  • Diet Changes for Your Fertility Goals – By Parul Mudit Mishra, Certified Health Coach.
  • Sound Therapy During Pregnancy and Postnatal Period – By Anupam Purkyastha, Author.
  • Bust Negativity Away with L.E.A.N During Pregnancy – By Parul Mudit Mishra, Certified Health Coach.
  • Belly Belt – By Shivani Cherian, Fashion Designer, Celebrity Stylist and an Image Consultant.



  • Fun Ways to Develop Your Toddler’s Social Skills – By Julie Easen, Founder – Wild at Heart and Family Adventure.
  • Healthy Finger Foods for Kids – By Khyati Rupani, Founder-Balance Nutrition.


Personal Growth:

  • Toxic Relationships can Suffocate You or Liberate You – Choose Wisely! By Dhara

Purohit , Kids and Spiritual Author.

  • Your Child is Unique – Do You Know How? — By Gireesh Gopal, Founder Indian Institute of Happiness.


Literally Escape –

  • Travel Travails – By Robin Rajan, Author.


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