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Breathing Exercise during Pregnancy By Dr.Kishori Mane

There are many wonderful moments in life but nothing compares to becoming a mother. Life's biggest miracle is the gift of having life growing inside of you. During nine months of pregnancy, the woman undergoes various physiological, mental, and physical changes.   As pregnancy progresses, uterine distention comprises elevation of the diaphragm and altered thoracic configuration which in turn decreases lung capacity. Also, the increasing level of progesterone causes shortness of breath. Increased BMR in pregnancy increases oxygen consumption with respect to maternal circulation and increased tissue mass, eventually, oxygen demand increases in the pregnancy. So breathing exercises during pregnancy help to improve oxygen saturation. Increased oxygen supply increases the working efficiency of not only the reproductive system but also the endocrinal gland. Breathing exercise relaxes the body and helps to reduce stress and mood swings.   Breathing exercises like deep breathing and blow breathing help women not only during pregnancy but also during labor. During labor, your body perceives less sensation of pain if the uterus is well supplied by blood and of course with oxygen. Blow breathing, and abdominal breathing like simple exercises help to elevate oxygen saturation in the body during pregnancy.   Following are some breathing exercises that can help during pregnancy.
1)Blow Breathing
It should be done in a sitting position, just inhale air through both nostrils and exhale forcefully by mouth by imagining blowing the candle.  
2) Shallow Breathing
One can practice it by inhaling and exhaling while opening a wide>  
3) Deep Breathing
Practice this by sitting straight, taking a deep breath in for 4 counts, and breath out for 8 counts with both>  
4) Abdominal Breathing
In the sitting position, keep both hands on the tummy, inhale slowly and observe the tummy. The tummy goes out and is filled with air, then exhale slowly observing the tummy going>  
5) Anulom -Vilom
In the sitting position, inhale with one nostril by holding another nostril closed then exhale through another nostril by holding the previous nostril closed. Then again inhale with the same nostril from which exhalation is done before then reverse the>   br> Note - All breathing exercises should be done under expert guidance with due permission of your Gynaecologist.
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