Expert: Dr.Rishi Vardhini Sugan
Naturopathy & Yoga Physician, Internationally Certified Birth Doula, Lifestyle & Natural Birth Consultant, IYCF - Lactation Counsultant
Who can attend
Pregnant Women (preferably 2nd/ 3rd trimester)
Workshop details:
Our simple yet informative childbirth education classes help you in creating a positive birth experience for yourself by easing you through your labour, keeping you well-informed about the latest maternity practices, thus giving you a chance to make informed decisions about your care.
This comprehensive package includes-
Pregnancy care session (2 hours) - Introduction
- Lifestyle changes during pregnancy
- Dos & Donts
- Dietary changes
- Prenatal stimulation
- Effective stress management
Labor management session (4 hours)
- Introduction
- All about contraction
- Stages of labor
- Coping techniques
- Signs of actual labour
- True and false contractions
- Common medical interventions
- Birth planning and Informed decision making
- Role of partners
- Giving birth with ease & conclusion
Breastfeeding session (2 hours)
- Introduction
- WHO recommendations
- Benefits of breastfeeding
- Anatomy of breast
- All about Breast-milk
- Successful latch and comfort positions
- Hunger cues
- Manual expression
Newborn care and Postpartum session (2hours)
- Introduction
- What to expect
- Knowing your baby
- Understanding baby's needs
- Calming down techniques
- Bathing, Diapering and Swaddling
- Parenting in a nutshell


10 hours (Sessions every 2 months)

No. of Sessions




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