Expert: Dr.Rajshree Pandya
BHMS (Gold medalist) ICR (PG in Homoeopathy) DCHP INFS scholar Immunity & Fitness Coach
Who can attend
Women with PCOS/ PCOD who are trying to conceive naturally
Workshop details:
Homeopathy provides some of the best alternative medication to help manage PCOS/ PCOD, not by supressing the symptoms but reversing the condition at the root-cause level.
These advanced one-on-one sessions include
1. Personal Introductory Session - Thorough understanding of your family history, physcial, mental, psychological and cognitive health.
2. Arriving at a customised and unique medicine schedules to be followed.
3. Delivery of the medicines at your doorstep (Medicines price included in the package)
4. Follow-up assessment sessions every 15 days


3 months

No. of Sessions




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