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Battling with PCOS/PCOD or Trying to Conceive?

Discover the Benefits of Attending the PCOS/PCOD and Trying to Conceive  Webinar!

This is a very powerful fertility webinar that will help you a lot in defeating the PCOS/PCOD battle by giving you knowledge of various aspects of fertility and the female body. Below are the details of what you are going to learn in this live-streaming fertility webinar from an expert nutritionist, Dr. Rajshree Pandya , who has helped thousands of women with their fertility issues.

Who is Dr. Rajshree Pandya?

Dr. Rajshree Pandya is an immunity and fitness coach, a BHMS gold medalist who has done a PG in homeopathy with an ICR certificate, and a DCHP holder. And she is also an INFS scholar.

Coming from her deep-rooted experiences, her approach is multi-disciplinary and wholesome. She talks about your immunity and the health of your body and mind. With her personalized, goal-specific nutrition plans and holistic counseling, she has helped the lives of thousands of patients worldwide struggling with hormonal and metabolic imbalances, weight, and lifestyle-related disorders.

She has consulted with and helped thousands of people overcome hormonal, infertility, and weight disorders. She has conducted many webinars, seminars, workshops, and counseling sessions for mental and physical well-being.

So, to help you understand and manage PCOS/PCOD or Fertility issues, she is going to conduct this live webinar.

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12:00 noon


30th July

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2 to 3.30 pm


26th March

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Why you should attend this Fertility webinar?

This empowering webinar is designed for women who are ready to embrace positive change and take control of their fertility journey. If you’re determined to make a difference in your life and leave behind the victim mentality, this webinar is for you!

Imagine the joy of hearing your little ones call you “mumma.” Picture the strengthened bond with your partner as you embark on this transformative journey together. Envision a healthier and more fertile you, ready to embrace the blessings of motherhood.

By participating in this expert-led fertility webinar, you’ll gain valuable insights and knowledge that can help you achieve all of these dreams. We invite you to join us if you’re truly committed to making a positive impact in your life and fulfilling your deepest desires. Together, we can unlock a world of possibilities!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – reserve your spot now!

Basics of Fertility

How Nutrition can make a difference?

Family Planning through Ovulation and Menstruation Tracking

Causes for Infertility

Impact of Hormonal Imbalances, PCOS/ PCOD & Weight Gain on Fertility

Make the Webinar Great

Frequently Asked Questions

The webinar is coming soon. we will inform you before the date arrives.

 If you wish to take notes, you can have a pen and a notebook. Apart from that, no other equipment is required.

Yes, you can. There are many parts of the webinar that are very helpful to any woman, not just PCOS/PCOD patients. 

Yes, it will help you with your PCOS/PCOD fertility issues. Dr. Rajshree Pandya has helped many women with fertility issues, including PCOS and PCOD.

Yes, it will be a live-stream webinar, and thus you will be able to interact with the host and other attendees.

The webinar will last for 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours.

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